Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur

The most comprehensive Facebook Marketing Program on the planet that will get you more results in your business, and more free time so you can live a life you love.

It's Only $497. Or you can opt for 2 payments of $257.50. (1 payment today and the 2nd payment 30 days later.)

Entrepreneur:  A business owner that innovates new ideas and business processes for a profit.

The Modern Entrepreneur: Someone that has a message to share, is constantly adapting to the speed of the modern world, and is committed to living a life they love.

"Get more time for yourself and your family and still make more money."

Does Your Life Look Like This?

You wake up, get the kids ready, feed them, and maybe feed yourself. You may or may not shower, because who cares - you work from a home office. So, you are sitting at your desk in your yoga pants or sweats - time to begin your workday.You glance down at the list you created last night, just before you stopped working at 10:30, and it is LONG, I mean, “write a book why don’t you LONG.”

As you begin to distract yourself with things like, “are my pencils sharpened,” you realize you need to prioritize your list and get done the most important things first. Like, get things to clients that you promised, call back potential clients because they will be paying next months bills, schedule some time for bookkeeping, and so on.

And by the time you are done with the essentials, it is time for dinner and the kids are crying out that they are hungry.

Did you forget something? Only the most powerful, least expensive marketing tool for the Modern Entrepreneur…FACEBOOK!

But at this point you are so frazzled and hurried that you might be thinking, “who the heck has time for Facebook?” “Wouldn’t it be nice to just end at 5, and go spend the evening with my family!”

Yes! Yes it would be nice, and that’s why we created Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur, a program designed specifically for you, the entrepreneur with a family, so that you CAN have it ALL.

Program Start Date: TBD, 2014

Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur is a 4 week online program, with live calls each week, designed for the busy family oriented business person who would do anything for their family, and wants more than anything to "get it all done" so they can spend time with those they love. We believe that, because you work so hard, you should benefit greatly and experience the best that life has to offer. We will show you how to do effective Facebook Marketing that will boost your business by generating more fans, customers, and more cash.

When you think about Social Media Experts, John and Jeremy are the ones you have been looking for. They are technical, analytical, hysterical, and so much fun! Having vast experience & skills at Social Media Marketing for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc, I highly recommend them!
Hardik Vyas, InfoTech

We are John Wayne Zimmerman and Jeremy DeWeese, and we are Social Experts.

We have been where you are, totally focused on surviving our day and getting it all done, wishing we could do it all, have it all, and give our all to our families. After a lot of trial and error, and a whole lot of growth and development courses to help us get really clear about how to structure our busy lives, we developed a program that will help you master Facebook in 7 easy-to-succeed modules.

John Wayne Zimmerman is a Social Media Maverick, having penned THE resource for Facebook Marketing, The Complete Idiots Guide for Facebook Marketing. John walks the walk, and has enough swagger to shake thefacebook-marketing Golden Gate Bridge. John is technical, analytical, hysterical, lyrical, and fun. Having spoken at conferences, seminars, and events around the world, John has been seen by tens of thousands of engaged fans. Some brave souls even call him “The Duke.”

Jeremy DeWeese is a Visual Virtuoso, an expert in all things pertaining to Photography, Videography, Art and writing copy for sales pages and websites. Jeremy is also an accomplished speaker, regularly bringing rooms of people to their feet, dancing around with joy. But if you want to know what he is best at, get him in a one on one conversation sometime, and see how clear you feel after he gets done with you. He listens more effectively than cassette player on record mode. He knows what is important to you and is committed that you fulfill upon every dream and desire.

What’s unique to Social Experts is their ability to deliver what small business owners today really care about, and what really matters to growing their business. Entrepreneurs benefit from what John and Jeremy have to offer in the world of Social Media. Their leadership, drive, and focus empower me and small business owners like myself! LINDA CARRIZOSA - FEINBERG SCHOOL OF MEDICINE

We work for entrepreneurs who want more out of life than just working. We work hard and smart so you can get it all done on social and still have time for those you love and time to pursue your passions. We believe a well-balanced life is one worth living. And whether they are your intimate family, close fiends or extended community – they deserve your attention and you deserve the time to enjoy them. With us as your partners, we will help you get there so you can live a life you love.

We have trained over 25,000 entrepreneurs just like you through our speaking engagements, online programs, and blogs. We have educated people from all parts of the world, including South America, Mexico, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. We are committed that people have access to a new way of doing social and a new way to communicate and brand their message.

We are also committed that the entrepreneur gets to enjoy the fruits of their labors. That, whatever inspires you to work as hard as you do, gets honored, whether it be your family, that inner part of you that wants to succeed and prove to the world that you can do it, or that part of you that wants to take the money you earn and use it for good in the world. Whatever it is that motivates you, you deserve to enjoy the wins, and have time to revel in them. That's why our focus is to teach you social that is smart, and saves you time, so you can have a powerful social presence that makes you more money, and allows you to do it in less time.

Each module is jam-packed with useful & essential information that will help you master Facebook, get more loyal fans that buy from you, show you how to market on a small budget, how to plan out your posts so you project a clear message, and maybe most important, have you do it with time to spare, so that you can focus on what is important to you, your family.

Here is what you will walk away with after doing Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur:

"It's all about the customer. The main thing you need to create your social presence is a positive, responsive relationship with your customer."

Module 1 of Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur

Define Your Customer and Learn to Speak Their Language

  • 1

    Setting the Tone

  • 2

    Define Your Customer

  • 3

    Find Your Customer

  • 4

    Fulfill Your Customers Needs

  • 5

    Build Your Facebook Page

Module 2 of Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur

Growing a Fan Base that Loves Buying from You

  • 1

    Personal Page vs. Fan Page

  • 2

    Subscribe Button

  • 4


  • 5


Module 3 of Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur

Get Your Fans Talking

  • 1

    Creating Content for Facebook Posts

  • 2

    Offering Value

  • 4

    Being Authentic

  • 5

    Using Calls-to-Action

Module 4 of Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur

Build a Beautiful and Attractive Personal Brand

  • 1

    Your Brand

  • 2

    Professional Photography

  • 3

    Professional Videos

  • 4

    Mobile On The Go

Module 5 of Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur

Connect Facebook and Your Website

  • 1

    Your Website

  • 2

    Comments Box

Module 6 of Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur

Using Email Marketing and Facebook Ads to Create an Amazing List of Followers

  • 1

    Email Marketing

  • 2

    Content Marketing Calendar

  • 3

    Facebook Ads

  • 4

    Power Editor

Module 7 of Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur

Using the Facebook Tools to get Insights on How You are Doing

  • 1

    Facebook Insights

An Entire Month of Facebook Consulting

In this program, we have created a truck load of valuable content and it is enough to make you a Facebook Superstar. But keeping true to our vision that the Modern Entrepreneur have time left in their day to do what is important to them, we are adding our valuable time to the mix, so that you are able to get questions answered to the things that are stopping you, NOW. We Will Hold Powerful Webinars With You And Answer Your Toughest Questions and add another layer of incredible value. Over the month, we will hold 3 Live Webinars, with one week in-between the 2nd and 3rd call so you can implement what you are learning and do catch-up. By the end of the month long program, you will have entered a whole new realm of Facebook success. All Webinars Will Be Recorded. What that means is if you happen to miss one, you will receive it in your inbox the next day, to listen at your convenience. And to show you how much we love you, there are some Amazing bonuses:

If you are still not sure, here is what some of our clients are saying...

I could not have asked for a faster response and ROI. Within a day during the holidays, John & Jeremy were on top of all my social accounts. My numbers started rising on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. They were able to create, execute and manage a sweepstakes which lead to 900 newsletter subscribers, 900 Twitter followers and 2,000 Facebook fans in just a month. Merrideth Kallil, Spark Living
I have a magazine called Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly and I am knows as a “subject matter expert” on social media. But it is always good for me to keep learning and stay fresh with a different and informed perspective. John Wayne Zimmerman and Jeremy DeWeese are my go-to guys and I highly recommend them! Scot Maitland, Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly
The American Association of Medical Assistants decided to work with John & Jeremy and are very happy with the partnership. We’ve developed a solid strategy, organizational processes, and we achieved 12,000 Facebook fans in less than a year. In a time of recession and not knowing where to put marketing dollars – we made the right choice. Jean Lynch, AAMA
The content is simple enough and easy to understand, and I am genuinely interested and engaged!  I am talking about it with all of my friends. I am learning a lot and it is going at a good pace. Nothing is over my head AND I feel like I am being challenged and getting valuable information.  Awesome! Sarah Kowal, Weathervane Creamery
I've personally known John for a few years and can say that, when it comes to Facebook marketing, John & Jeremy are the real deal. They provide a practical, no-fluff, and business approach to Facebook that will have you profiting while your competitors will be wondering what happened. Neal Schaffer, Maximize Your Social

Summing it up: Everything You Get

Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur is an online course. After you complete payment, you will get immediate access to the membership site so you can start creating a powerful Facebook presence.


Money Back Promise

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back. All you will have to do is send us an email in the first 20 days of the program letting us know the program is not right for you, and show us that you have been doing all of the homework, and we will refund your money promptly. We are absolutely committed to your social media success and know that this program will make a big difference in how you do social media. We are convinced that you will become a raving fan.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure I have the time to figure this out.

That's exactly why you need this. This program gives you an exact model to follow. No time or money wasted on testing stuff out. Just follow the program exactly and you will get the results. In the end, you will save time so you can focus on the things you are good at, like making money for your business and family.


If I don't have a family, is this program still right for me?

This program is for you if you have passions that live outside of your business, whether they are family or not. If you are an entrepreneur that wants to have an amazing Social media presence, but knows they don't have the time to waste on making mistakes or spending time on the learning curve, then you are in the right place.


Do I need to be a techie to do all of this?

Not at all! We will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to set everything up.


Is it going to be easy to apply this knowledge?

It's almost copy & paste easy. We will show you exactly how to set up your Facebook page for success, how to do the technical things that help you build your email list, how to upload your current list to Facebook, how to do Facebook Advertising, and it will be like a walk through the park. You will get step by step guides that you can download and keep in a binder near your desk.


I've wasted a lot of money on other trainings, and not always gotten results. I'm skeptical.

We totally get it. We are avid buyers of growth and development programs, and some are more valuable than others. We always get value because you get out what you put in. What we have created here is the culmination of all the best content we have seen over the years, so that we can deliver upon our promise to you, the modern entrepreneur, that you are empowered on Facebook, and focused on living a life you love-doing what you are passionate at, and spending time with your family.


I'm not sure I can afford this.

We have made it easy for you by setting up a payment plan if you sign up before our early-bird deadline. Half up front, and the other half two weeks into the program. This program is designed to free you from burden, not create more.

Here’s the truth: Until you have a proven blueprint to follow, you’re going to continue to waste your time in social media. All you need to do to change things around is to follow our  easy to implement, step-by-step program.

Everything we teach has been tested by us and by countless number of our clients. Our team has some of the the most talented Facebook marketers, and we are proud of the work we do.

Facebook marketing is a powerful tool for smart entrepreneurs, it is an opportunity for you to get ahead in your business, with very little investment. With all of the changing landscape at Facebook, it is imperative that you take advantage now of all of Facebook's inexpensive offerings before they change the rules of the game again.

We have trained over 25,000 entrepreneurs through our programs, webinars, and live speaking engagements. And John published The resource for Facebook Marketing, The Complete Idiots Guide to Facebook Marketing. If you have the extra time to read it, it is a gold-mine of Facebook Marketing knowledge. If you don't have time, which is probably why you are reading this, take advantage of Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur.

Here is to 2013 being THE year that you liberate yourself from the anxiety of "figuring out Facebook" for your business, and to your business goals being met and exceeded. And, here is to 2013 being the year that you are able to get it all done in a reasonable number of hours, so you can spend time with the ones you love, and enjoy the life you have created.

Much love,

@2013 Social Experts

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